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To combat the spread of fatal pandemic, a new revolutionary device, SHYCOCAN, was launched here in Hyderabad by the Hon’ble Health Minister, Shri Etela Rajender Garu. The device is intended to prevent, in closed spaces, air-borne and surface transmission of Corona Family of viruses. It was presented by Dr. Shiven, Associate of Scalene Cybernetics Limited. Incepted in Wuhan of China, SARS-CoV-2 widely recalled as CoronaVirus has disrupted the lives of individuals across the world. Over a million people have lost their lives and several others go infected

Bengaluru Organisation Gets US FDA, EU Nod For Device That Can Kill COVID-19 Virus

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Aug 2 (ANI): Bengaluru based Centre for Advanced Research and Development (CARD), the research wing of organisation De scalene has come up with a device called “SHYCOCAN” (Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon) which neutralizes the coronavirus.
Speaking to ANI Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar, Chairman, Organisation De Scalene said that the device will not kill any bacteria or fungus, however, neutralizes the coronavirus particles.
“The device was tested for its safety and efficacy and is soon going to be manufactured and marketed in the US under the Enforcement Discretion policy of USFDA and in Europe as the device is CE compliant and is CE marked,” said Kumar.
He also added the device will cover a volume of 10,000 cubic feet.

Meet the innovator who claims his device can kill the coronavirus

Several questions have been raised around the efficacy of Shycocan (Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon), a device which claims to kill the Coronavirus in closed spaces. But its developer Rajah Vijay Kumar clearly stands by his invention.
Kumar, who is the global chairman and founder of a private company Organization De Scalene says the Shycocan device is a contribution of his firm towards the fight against Covid-19 and the organisation has not been charging any royalty for the product, which has already been commercialised in India.
A curious mind at a young age led Kumar on the path to research, with stalwarts such as the late A P J Abdul Kalam as his mentors. “He used to enquire about my work during his DRDO days and we used to discuss a lot of futuristic things,” claims Kumar, who holds over 34 patents for all the innovations he has developed so far in the fields of biophysics, radiobiology, nanotechnology, sustainable energy, modern telecommunications and water resources management

Este dispositivo mexicano neutraliza el Coronavirus en lugares cerrados

Un dispositivo que neutraliza la propagación aérea del SARS-CoV-2 en espacios cerrados será fabricado en México para su distribución en Estados Unidos y América Latina, siendo así el primer país autorizado para hacerlo en la región.

Rajah Vijay Kumar, presidente de Organisation de Scalene y de Scalene Cybernetics Ltd, grupo de innovación y tecnología de la empresa india creadora del proyecto, anunció este lunes el lanzamiento del dispositivo conocido como SHYCOCAN (Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon), el cual es similar a un ventilador y emite electrones hipercargados al aire.

Shycocan debuts: New hope for neutralizing Covid-19 indoors

A device having the ability to neutralise 99.9% of the coronavirus that might be floating in the air in closed spaces, was officially launched on Tuesday. The device — Scalene Hypercharge Corona Canon (Shycocan) — has been invented by Bengaluru-based organisation De Scalene, and can be used to prevent infection and is not medicine or an alternative to a vaccine that can cure infected people.

Защо SHYCOCAн™ е различен?

01 Сигурност

Разрешено за пускане на пазара от FDA (Администрация по храните и лекарствата) и ЕС (Европейски съюз).

02 Спешност

Отговаря на спешна нужда с проста и чувствителна методология, за предотвратяване на масивни огнища и безопасно преодоляване на неопределено социално дистанциране.

03 Простота

Може лесно и рентабилно да се произвежда, за да отговори на нарастващото търсене, в санитарна извънредна ситуация.

04 Функционалност

Може да се използва 24 часа в денонощието, 7 дни в седмицата и работи със стандартен 110/240V стенен контакт.